Motorised curtains and blinds are the future of window treatments. With their innovative technology and convenience, they are revolutionizing the way we interact with our home's windows. 


 iSmart Window specialize in exceptional products and knowledge, providing competitive prices and high-quality services in NZ.

We are your one-stop solution provider for both automated and manual window coverings. Whether you're looking to automate your blinds or curtains, we have the perfect solution for you. Our aim is to offer affordable options without compromising on quality.


Motorised Curtains are the epitome of modern interior design. They eliminate the need for chains and cords, giving your space a clean and minimalist look. Our smart curtains integrate affordable curtain solutions with cutting-edge technology, resulting in highly reliable and durable products.


Motorised Blinds are another fantastic option for automating your window coverings. Using electric blind motors, they allow for easy opening, closing, and adjustment. You can control them with the push of a button, through a remote control, smartphone apps, or even voice commands. They can be powered by either AC & DC or Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

Smart Home/Home Automation is all about adding comfort and convenience to your daily life. Technology has rapidly evolved, and a smart home is no longer a concept of the distant future, but a reality. Motorised curtains and blinds are just one aspect of a smart home that offers a plethora of benefits, ranging from improved home security to increased convenience.

iSmart Window's automation window coverings solutions make home automation easier than ever. By incorporating motorised curtains and blinds into your smart home system, you can enhance your home's value, improve comfort and security, and increase energy efficiency. All of this can be achieved at an affordable price.

Motorised curtains and blinds bring convenience, energy efficiency, enhanced privacy, and a sleek, modern look to your space. With automated scheduling and integration with Smart Home systems, you can transform the way you interact with your home's windows. Imagine being able to control the light, privacy, and temperature preferences of your space with a simple touch of a button or a voice command.

At iSmart Window, we use the latest technology to provide tailored solutions for each individual customer's home and needs. We don't want you to be left behind with outdated window treatments. Upgrade to motorised curtains and blinds and embrace the benefits of the future, starting today.

Our motorisation solution for window coverings seamlessly integrates with both existing and new home automation systems. This makes automation incredibly simple and hassle-free. Our motorised curtains and blinds are compatible with popular smart assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. You can control your curtains and blinds with voice commands or use standard remote controls for manual control. Moreover, you can even remotely control your curtains and blinds from anywhere in the world, making life easier, especially for elderly individuals who may have difficulty reaching curtain rails or blind pulls.

To intergrate with your smart home system, you can either use our DD7002B wifi bridge, DD1554 mini bridge or our newest DD7006 P Box ( coming soon ) intergrate with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT etc. or you can use our 4 wires or 5 wires motors to connect with the 3rd party home automation system such as C-Bus or Z-wave etc, or you can use our newest DD7006 P Box intergrate with other 3rd party interface such as ELAN, Control 4, Crestron, and Home Assistant etc. Smart Home systems.

iSmart Window boasts one of the largest ranges of automation window treatments in New Zealand. We believe in providing our customers with the ability to choose the perfect solution for their home or business needs. With our extensive selection, you can get a feel for what will suit your space best. Our goal is to offer affordable and reliable automation solutions that provide comfort and convenience, ultimately giving you the best value.

At iSmart Window, we offer both Li-ion battery-powered and AC-powered motorised curtains and blinds. AC-powered solutions are ideal for larger or heavier window coverings and new build homes, thanks to their reliability and integration capabilities with third-party home automation systems. On the other hand, battery-powered motorised curtains and blinds provide flexibility, easy installation, and wireless operation, making them suitable for various settings, including DIY projects.

We specialise in exceptional products and knowledge based in NZ. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise will provide you the trouble-free professional consultations and quality products at competitive prices. please contact us for free no obligation consultation, measure and quote.

Contact us today and discover how motorised curtains and blinds can transform your space. With iSmart Window, you can enjoy the convenience, comfort, and style of motorised window coverings at the best prices. Lower your blinds, open and close your curtains, and create the perfect ambiance with just a touch of a button or using a remote control. Experience the future of window treatments with iSmart Window.

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We provide 5 year warranty for our all kinds of blinds, 3 year warranty for

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                                            for all of the accessories.                                             

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