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Motorised roller blinds are not only a simple, sleek and modern window covering, but also they provide convenience, safety, and energy efficiency while offering a wide range of style options and integration possibilities with Smart Home technology. These advantages make them rapidly becoming an attractive and top choice for homeowners seeking a modern and efficient window treatment solution in NZ.

Motorised roller blinds use the electric AC or DC powered or LI-ion rechargeable battery powered blinds motor as the driving force of the blinds and are controlled through an operating system which can be remote, wall switch, WiFi and Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings compatible smartphone App, or 3rd party home automation system etc.  They can achieve an effortless operation that runs quietly and steadily without taking up wall space or needing any extra wiring, they are the perfect piece of tech for controlling natural lighting and temperature inside your home or office.

With electric roller blinds, you can transform your home into a smart and automated oasis. Whether you're looking for sun protection with sunscreen roller blinds, enhanced privacy with blackout blinds, or simply want to add a touch of modernity to your space, motorisation is the way to go. In addition to their practical benefits, they also add a sleek and stylish look to any room. They are available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and designs, allowing you to find the perfect match for your existing decor.

If you already have manual roller blinds installed in your home, don't worry! You can easily upgrade them to automated roller blinds without replacing the entire system. Simply add a motor to your existing blinds and enjoy the convenience of automated blinds without breaking the bank. One of the main advantages of battery-powered motors is the ease of installation. Since these motors are not hardwired, there's no need to worry about electrical wiring or hiring an electrician. You can simply attach the motor to your existing manual roller blinds, and you're ready to go.

Although there are many various blind tubes and different mounting brackets for the different blind manufacturers, we are very experienced and have a long history and enough accessories and parts to help a lot of New Zealand customers achieve this goal, so we can provide the motor from just $179 each online to whole NZ customers who want to convert their existing manual roller blinds to automated and smart blinds by DIY, please contact me and tell me what you are after.

motorised roller blind in kitchen

The Features: 

Power Sources:                 

     • 12V and 24V DC powered or      
     • 240V AC Mains powered or                  
     •  Li-ion rechargeable battery powered

Control Method:   

     • RF remote control (Uni-Directional Such as DC1602 and Bi-Directional such as DD1602H and DD1802H remote ).       

     • WiFi Connector App control by using DD7002B WiFi Bridge, DD1554 Mini Bridge or DD7006 P-Box which are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings etc. and Matter, the new smart home standard of the future, once Matter is being launched.                            

     • Wall switch or 3rd party Home Automation system control, such as C-Bus or Z-Wave, etc. Smart Home system.                    

The Benefits:

  • Easy and convenient -  easy to use and require only one button push instead of manual controls.
  • Ultimate comfort - Motorised Sunscreen, Light Filtering, and even complete Blackout roller blinds provide superior light control, creating a comfortable living environment with effortless adjustment 
  • Ultimate Convenience – Being able to control your blinds from anywhere via Smart Home Device means you never have to worry about not having enough light or too much sun shining in again!
  • Benefit from improved security features with optional timers
  • Contribute to higher aesthetics with custom designs for increased home value.
  • Easy to retrofit your existing manual roller blinds to motorisation ones by using Li-ion rechargeable battery powered motor, the battery will last approximately 4 months once you fully charge the battery.

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