Motorised Curtains eliminate the need for chains and cords, they use an operating system and motorised curtain tracks to give you full control of the degree of privacy and light you let into your room. It is perfect for those seeking a modern and refined interior with clean, minimalist lines.


iSmart Window motorised curtains will live up to all your expectations with their effortless, smooth and quiet operation. They are easy to use and install, they can be ceiling mounted or wall mounted, two way draw ( open from the center ) or one way draw ( open from one side to the others). 

Some features of our curtain motors:

     • Specially silent motor
     • Elegant operation function
     • Electric memorized limit function
     • Tough- start (allowing you to manually pull the curtain and the motor takes over)
     • Resistance stop (stops the motor if it senses an obstruction). This is a safety feature but also is used to automatically stop the motor when it reaches the end of it's travel• Manual operation - when there is no mains power you can still pull the curtains manually

Our extensive Motorised Curtain Tracks solution ranges:

   Power Source:

          • 240V AC mains powered  

          • Li-ion rechargeable powered

   Control Method:

          • RF remote control 
          • WiFi App control 
          • Wall switch and 3rd party Home Automation system control, such as C-Bus and Z-Wave, etc.

    Curtain heading types:

             • Straight tracks   
            • 90 degree and 135 degree curved tracks  
            • regular and irregular angled bendable curved tracks

    Motors load-bearing capacity:

            • 50 kg load-bearing capacity  
            • 100 kg load-bearing capacity


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