Roller blinds are perfect for people looking for a simple, sleek and modern window covering, they are becoming a trend in the windows designing for your modern and contemporary design home. This is because they are able to bring a perfect outlook of the house when matched with other interior design items. 


The roller blinds have a lot of advantages for your home other than making it look cozy. They are easy to use, low-maintenance, cost-effective, Energy efficient and stylish. Home owners can have great flexibility in blocking out light with roller blinds. Compared to Venetian blinds and vertical blinds, roller blinds are the simplest to operate.


                                         Sunscreen roller blinds

Roller blinds are easy to maintain and are durable. Home owners can count on them to function as good as new even after many years since they work on simple mechanical systems that can hardly go wrong. 

In terms of maintenance, most roller blinds can be easily removed and wipe cleaned – simple and hassle-free. In terms of affordability, roller blinds give great value and ranks top among all other types of blinds. Roller blinds are less expensive compared to Venetian blinds and vertical blinds but can look equally good. Home owners can choose different fabrics according to their budgets.


                                    Sunscreen roller blinds for a office

These advantages make roller blinds a popular choice for window coverings in both residential and commercial spaces. They provide functionality, aesthetics, and practicality for controlling light, ensuring privacy, and enhancing the overall appearance of a room.

iSmart Window can offer you a wide variety of styles custom made high quality Auckland NZ made roller blinds which we will guarantee to suit any home or business at competitive and affordable pricing for all NZ-wide customers.

iSmart Window Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of textures and colours as well as Sunscreen, Light Filtering and Blackout fabric choices depending on whether your intention is to simply filter light, or you need blackout blinds. 

From time to time, it will be possible to choose from:

Sunscreen Roller Blinds : we offer you 3% , 5% and 10% openness sheerweave SW4300, SW4500, SW4510 and Duo Screen blind fabrics;

Light Filtering Roller Blinds : we offer you the Skye, Le Reve, Mantra range Light Filtering blind fabrics;

Blackout Roller Blinds : we offer you the Vibe, Duo Block, Skye, Le Reve, Mantra and Karma range blackout blind fabrics;

We can make:

  • Single or Duo Roller Blinds;   

  • Inside Mount ( Recess Mount ) or Outside Mount ( Face Mount );  

  • Intermediate brackets for joint control : we can provide you two or three blinds linked together ( two in one, three in one or two in two , even four in two or four in four for the Duo roller blinds ).

Most importantly, the advandage of using our standard roller blinds is you can very easily use our very wide range of tubualr motors to retrofit them to become motorised roller blinds in the feature without any drive adaptor and crown issues.

All of our roller blinds are made in Auckland NZ locally and we provide you with 5 years warranty. They are unique, top quality at competitive prices, and made to measure according to the taste and needs of each individual project.

We can supply you the custom made roller blinds NZ-wide online, please contact us or fill the enquiry form with your measurements, we will provide you free measure and quote in Auckland area. 

       Our Latest Custom Made Roller Blinds Listings:

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