Venetian blinds are great for controlling light and maintaining privacy in any space, they add contemporary style and natural warmth to your home, office or school.

Our range of Venetian blinds (Auckland-made) come in a choice of aluminium, Vision Wood® (painted timber effect) or wooden venetian blinds, depending on the ambience you are looking to create.                                           Venetian-blinds.jpeg

Wooden Venetian blinds

   • Offer a natural warm look & feel
   • Are made from the highest quality timber, renowned for lightness and ease of handling
   • Have a rich grain and texture, which is easy on the eye
   • Have impressive thermal insulating properties – keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter
   • Have excellent soundproofing qualities
   • Are available in classic 50mm slat size in a variety of attractive stain and paint finishes as well as one natural wooden Venetian blinds colour

Aluminum Venetian blinds

   • Offer a contemporary feel
   • Come in an impressive range of stylish modern colours
   • Are available in two slat widths – 25mm or 50mm


PVC Visionwood® Faux Wood Venetian Blinds :

Our VisionWood® blinds offer a long-lasting PVC alternative to wooden blinds. They work well as bathroom or laundry blinds because they’re moisture-resistant by design.
   •Are venetian blinds made of PVC
   •Look like painted wood
   •Are perfect for bathrooms and other areas prone to condensation & heat
   •Will not crack, warp or fade


We provide 5 years warranty for our Venetian Blinds.

Venetian blinds are available NZ-wide via courier. Contact us with your blinds measurements.
Please send me inquiry form to tell us what you are after, we can custom made the Venetian blinds to meet your requirement.

Our Venetian Blinds Products Listings: 

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