Motorised Blinds are cordless and use a electric motors as a driving force for the blinds, allowing them to be opened, closed, or adjusted automatically and smartly with the push of a button or through remote control, smartphone apps, or voice commands. They offer convenience, automation, and enhanced control over natural light and privacy in a home or office setting. They are quickly becoming a popular and top choice for those who want to enhance their home's style and functionality in NZ.                                    


Electric blinds from iSmart Window can integrate seamlessly with both your existing and new home automation systems, making automation incredibly simple. 

To intergrate with your smart home system, you can either use our DD7002B wifi bridge, DD1554 mini bridge or our new DD7006 P Box intergrate with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT etc. or you can use our 4 wires or 5 wires motors to connect with the 3rd party home automation system such as C-Bus or Z-wave etc, or use our new DD7006 P Box intergrate with 3rd party interface such as ELAN, Control 4, Crestron, and Home Assistant etc. 

With innovative motorisation technology and modern design, iSmart Window offer effortless operation to help you make the most out of your space. Whether you prefer different types of blinds, you can be sure our motorisation of blinds will bring a contemporary elegance to any home or office.

iSmart Window has a very wide range of motors for Smart Blinds to make your home smarter, more comfortable, more convenient, and more energy efficient. we have main AC powered , 12V DC powered and Li-ion rechargeable battery powered blinds motors, wall switch controlled Home Automation compatible 4 wires blinds motors, RF remote controlled, and even WiFi Connector App controlled non-Hub required blinds motors, traditional one-way RF communication and more advanced two-way communications Bi-Directional blinds motors, we have confidence we have right and best motors to meet your specific requirements of your new builds or existing Homes  .

Our in-depth knowledge and the ability to retrofit and motorise your existing manual blinds into automation option, let us be able to provide you with motorisation and smart solutions. Electric blinds are less expensive than you might imagine, they are available for an extra cost of just from $194 for the motor only option, or $242 for motor and remote, with only one remote required for multiple blinds. Explore the range today and treat yourself to a modern home at a great price!

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