Motorised Curtain Tracks for Pleated Curtains

Motorised Curtain Tracks for Pleated curtains - iSmart Window


                                Motorised Curtain Tracks for Pleated Curtains

Straight motorised pleated curtain tracks can be used for Pencil Pleat Curtains or Pinch Pleat Curtains including single pleat curtains, double pleat curtains, triple pleat curtains, etc.

Curved motorised curtain tracks can only be used for pencil pleat heading style curtains. The pinch pleat curtains are not recommended  to be used for curved motorised curtain tracks since it might be difficult to pass through the curved tracks sometimes.

We can supply the custom built motorised curtain track for you according to your measurements and requirements. The tracks can be as wide as 12 metres, with convenient options for centre opening curtains (Two way draw) or one way draw. The track can be ceiling mount or wall mount. Please note: this track is for the traditional pecil pleat and pinch pleated heading style curtains only.

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