Fibaro Z-Wave Dual Relay Switch 2X1.5KW

Fibaro Z-Wave Dual Relay Switch 2X1.5KW
The Fibaro Z-Wave Dual Micro Relay FGS-222 discreetly wires in your wall space or behind an existing light switch or power point - Maintaining manual switch control and adding brilliant Z-Wave on/off home automation control of two electrical circuits or devices up to 1.5kW each.

Fibaro Z-Wave activated relay switch which can also be triggered from existing mains switches so that manual control of the load is still possible using the existing switch plate. Easily transform your existing light switch to an automated one or use it to control other electric appliances like pumps, motor, sprinklers etc . This is a 3 wire device requiring a live and neutral connection.

• Control On/Off control of devices
• Ease of use and installation by qualified electrican only
• Optimised antenna range for indoor use, up to 20m
• Max2500W circuit 240V
• Z-wave and manual operations
• Small form factor that can be easily hidden away
•Frequency for AU/NZ 921.4Mhz

This device requires a qualified New Zealand electrician to install into the electrical wiring.
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