Q, Could you tell me how long the Li-ion rechargeable battery powered tubular motor will last once fully charged? What's the lifetime of the battery?

A. Lithium ion battery technology has improved a lot, it's used in many of products we interact with every day now, such as smartphones, laptops, powered tools, battery-powered vehicles etc, The capacity of our iSW Li-ion rechargeable batteries - iSW25LE, ISW28LE and iSW82LE are 2.2Ah, 2,6Ah and 4.4 Ah respectively, they are estimated to operate 500 up/down or 500 open/close cycles once fully charged for a normal size of roller blind or curtain. Although they might last more than 6 months per charge, we strongly suggest for you to recharge the Li-ion battery every 6 months to maintain the Li-ion battery in good performance.

The lifetime of our iSW Li-ion battery is around 500 recharges. Although the batteries will degrade slowly over time, we will give you 3 year warranty for our tubular motors and curtain motors that includes the Li-ion rechargeable battery since our iSW Lithium Ion battery technology is proven, reliable and can be trusted.

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