Custom Built Motorised Curtain Track

Custom Built Motorised Curtain Track
We can supply the custom built motorised curtain track for you according to your measurements and requirements. The tracks can be as wide as 12 metres, with convenient options for centre opening curtains (Two way draw) or one way draw. The track can be ceiling mount or wall mount.

Please note: this track is for the traditional pencil pleats or pinch pleats heading style curtains. Pinch pleated style like French pleats curtains are all right for the straight curtain track, but they will be no good for the 90 degree or 135 degree curved motorised curtain track, so you can not use the Pinch pleated or French Pleats curtains for the 90 degree or 135 degree curved motorised curtain tracks.

You need to according to your requirement to choose AC Main powered iSW 82TN, iSW82TS; iSW 72EN, iSW72EV/S, iSW72TV and iSW72TV/W wifi motor or Li-ion rechargeable battery powered iSW 82LE and iSW72LE/S curtain motors, and you have the normal 50KG load-bearing capacity and 100kg load-bearing capacity curtain motors to choose from. you might need to purchase one remote control separately if you haven't had any remote control, please check our remote control catalogue.

The Track allows one-way draw (open from one end) or two-way draw (open from the middle); it can be ceiling mounted or wall mounted.

You can order single motorised curtain track or double tracks.

You can order 90 degrees L shape or U shape curved track and 135 degree Bay Window shape track as well. Please note: For L shape and U shape of motorized curtain track, the Load-bearing capacity of L shape or U shape track would be less than normal straight motorized curtain track, so you need to consider the fact of curtain fabric weight, meanwhile in order to let the curtain going through the 90 degree or 135 degree corner smoothly, you should consider the fact of curtain pinching rate of curtain heading, the lower of pinching rate, the more difficult to pass the corner, so it's better to use the Premier Pleats Curtain heading, it also known as a Pencil Pleat, the Premier Pleat is an attractive and popular heading type. The Premier Pleat is suitable for all fabric types, and works in traditional, modern or casual interiors. Premier Pleats are created by gathering or pulling the cords in the tape sewn at the top of the curtain. The three rows of cords are pulled up evenly, creating deep "pencil" pleats. The Premier pleat is an inexpensive and safe choice for your curtains and can be made in four different depths, depending on your preference. Of course, it would be no problem at all to use the other curtain heading style if your motorized curtain track is a straight one.

Before installation, you might need to assemble the motorised curtain track first because most courier companies require the goods maximum length to be 2.4m ( for the rural address customer, we only can ship 1.5m maximal length ) so the track might be divided into 2~3 pieces according to the total motorised curtains length. We can make up to maximal 5.65m length of motorised curtain track without the break (jointer) for Auckland customer if they can come to pick up the track by himself. Please refer to Aramex packaging size guide:
Please watch the pictures carefully to learn how to assemble the motorised curtain track correctly.

Please note: The curtain motor will set the limit position by itself, just simply run the curtain fully open and fully closed, then the motor will remember the limit position by itself, but after you set the curtain limit position, you can not remove the motor from the track and move the curtain by hand, that will cause the limit position to change, then you have to cancel the limit position, and then set the limit position again.

Customize your project by adding the beautiful and versatile motorized products offered by iSmart Window, you’ll be amazed and impressed by the service and quality we offer.

Price on application according to the size of the track you require, please send an enquiry form.

Please note: you not only need to tell us that your track requires ceiling mount bracket or wall mount bracket, and the track is one way draw or two way draw, but also you need to tell us which model of curtain motor you are going to use, because the transmission box which connects to the curtain motor is different between the 82 type motor and 72 type motor.

All motorised curtains track will be made locally in Auckland of NZ now, so they will be made and be dispatched in 10 working days, The maximal length of the motorised curtain track we can make and without the break ( jointer) will be 5.65m for those local customers who need us to deliver and install in Auckland.

We provide 1 Years wanrantty for the Motorised Curtain track.

These Custom Made to measure motorised curtains need  approximately 5-10 working days to manufacture.

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