Custom-made complete sets of motorised roller blinds

Custom-made complete sets of motorised roller blinds
We can provide you good quality made-to-measure roller blinds for both of motorised and manual roller blinds in very competitive and affordable prices. these quality roller blinds are water, mould and fire resistant: all fabrics are coated with a special polyester treatment, using an ultrasonic cutting table, which completely seals any joins and makes the blinds water, mould and fire resistant – perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens. We will uses very good quality brand-SHAW Roller Blind Fabric, combine with the other good quality roller blind components, we will provide you 5 years warranty for our roller blinds.

The other important thing is they will use the 45mm diameter aluminum tube instead of the 38mm diameter aluminium tube for all any width of roller blinds, so their roller blinds will be stronger,it's very good for the motorised roller blinds particularly.We will provide you 45mm drive wheel adapter and crown to meet this requirement for free of charge if you order whole set of custom made motorised roller blind.

You can choose the different fabrics and colour: Sunscreen, Light Filtering,Blackout or Thermal Blackout and the different tubular motor options: AC or DC powered. with or without built-in Lithium battery. We will discuss what you need and what is best for your requirements, we can provide you the price including and/or excluding the installation. We will provide you free measurement and quotation in Auckland when you want to enquire two or more custom made complete sets of motorised roller blinds. If you are happy with the price, then we will set up the listing for you to purchase.

Please bear in mind, you can order the normal (manual ) roller blinds from us as well, it means we will guarantee you can convert and retrofit all of the roller blinds which ordered from us to be motorised roller blinds in the future without any problem.

• Sunscreen Roller Blinds : we offer you 3% , 5% and 10% openness sheerweave SW4300, SW4500, SW4510 and Duo Screen blind fabrics;
• Light Filtering Roller Blinds : we offer you the Skye, Le Reve, Mantra range Light Filtering blind fabrics;
• Blackout Roller Blinds : we offer you the Vibe, Duo Block, Skye, Le Reve, Mantra and Karma range blackout blind fabrics;


• Single Roller Blind or Duo Roller Blinds;
• Inside Mount ( Recess Mount ) or Outside Mount ( Face Mount ).
• Intermediate brackets for joint control : we can provide you two or three blinds linked together ( two in one, three in one or two in two , even four in two or four in four for the Duo roller blinds )

We provide 5 years warranty for the manual normal roller blinds and 3 years warranty for the tubular motors, one year warranty for the other accessories.

We use the SHAW brand of the blind fabric, for the reference of the fabric and colour, you can go :

So please send your enquiry, we will reply your email as soon as possible and we will provide you free in-home consultation, measure and quote.

We provide: 

5 years warranty for the roller blinds;

3 years warranty for tubular motors;

1 year warranty for Remote Control ;Battery Charger and DD7002B WIFI Bridge ( Hub ).

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