iSW25LEU/S-1.1/28 USB Li-ion rechargeable battery powered Bi-Diretional blind motor

iSW25LEU/S-1.1/28 USB Li-ion rechargeable battery powered Bi-Diretional blind motor
iSW25LEU/S-1.1/28 USB Li-ion rechargeable battery powered Bi-Diretional blinds motor is our new arrived battery powered and Bi-Directional tubular motor for roller blinds, it's similar to the old iSW25LE/S and iSW25LEQ/S models, it has 5V 2A Micro-USB port, it means you do not need to buy the extra DC1563AU battery charger, you can use the 5C Mirco-USB charger like most 5V phone charger, so it would be convenient for you.

It's an adveanced Bi-Directional motor,so you can only use our DD1602H or DD1802H 15 channel remote to control this kind of Bi-directional motor. You can use extra cheaper DD1554 mini wifi bridge (Hub) to make the blind motor to become smart motor, then you can use Connector App to control the motorised roller blinds and to be comaptible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home etc. meanwhile since this motor is Bi-Directional motor, it will feedback the status of the motor and you will know the position of the blind and let you do the percentage control through the connector app.

It's rated torque is 1.1 Nm and rated speed is 28 rpm, therefore for the 45mm tube, its lift capacity with standard adapters is around 4 kg. If you use the 480g/m2 roller blind fabric with the weight of the bottom bar being 0.8 kg, then the maximum size of the roller blind would be 3m(W) X 2.2m(H) after deducting the weight of the bottom rail.

Please note: you can only use our new DC1602H 15 channel remote or other bi-directional remotes like DD1802H to control this kind of Bi-directional motor, you need to purchase the remote separately, it's better to combine to use with our DD1554 mini wifi bridge or DD7002B WIFI Bridge together, so you will know the motorised roller blinds latest position status and do percentage control through the smartphone app- Connector, you can know the lithium battery power level as well, so you can recharge the lithium battery immediately when the battery power level is low to prevent the lithium battery over discharge.


'Mirco-USB charge port ( Maximal power input 5V 2A )
'Built-in Lithium Battery,
'Built-in Receiver,
'Jog Mode
'Limit Fine Adjustment,
'Radio Lock,
'Switch Direction,
'Stall Protection,
'Program / Reset Button,
'Status Feedback,
'Electrotonic Limit,
'Preferred Stop Position,
'Speed Regulation and motor slow stop opratiom mode
'Solar Charging,
'Memorized Setting
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