iSW 35S-10/17 35mm AC powered 4 wires standard tubular blinds motor ( Home Automation compatible )

iSW 35S-10/17  35mm AC powered 4 wires standard tubular blinds motor ( Home Automation compatible )
iSW35S-10/17 35mm AC powered 4 wires tubular blinds motor is a standard tubular motor for roller blinds, it means it hasn't built in the receiver inside, it can't control by the remote, it has four wires, so it only can be control by wall switch like DC865A Double button Mechanical rebound Switch or DC866A Double button mechanical Non-reboundable switch. Meanwhile this 4 wires tubular motor are designed to be connected to a variety of home automation systems such as Z-Wave controller, so you can control this tubular motor via Fibaro Roller Shutter Z-Wave module and DC865A switch or DC866A switch.

• Standard type tubular motor with the diameter of 35mm, available for motorized roller blinds
• DM35S super narrow: the length of the tubular motor is only 480mm
• Products with wide series are applicable to various configurations such as Z-Wave
• To adjust limit with knob

This iSW35S tubular motor has 4 wires which two wires control two directions, so it can connect with the Z-Wave roller blind module like Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 etc. because this motor is standard tubular motor, it has the mechanical limit switch, so the Z-wave control system can do the auto calibration without the problem, it means you can control the blind with percentage ( Position ), what you need to do is using the Limit adjustment knob to set up the up and down limit position first before you use the Z-Wave controller to do the auto calibration.

Please note: this 35mm tubular motor is not suitable for retrofitting your existing roller blind due to the size of the limit switch head, its reduction might be different from you existing ones, so this iSW35S 4 wires AC powered tubular motor is only suitable for the new custom made roller blind which we are going to use 45mm heavy duty aluminium tube (such as R207T 45mm Thick Keyway Roller Tube which is shown in the photo ) and will be particularly matched with this motor.

As shown in the photo, the limit switch head of this model of tubular motor is suitable for most of our brackets in the market, so it will work with most of the brackets. For those customer who prefer this iSW 35S tubular motor which are fully compatible Z-Wave roller blind module, we can custom made the roller blind for you and we will guarantee the custom made roller blind will be fitted with our this iSW 35S tubular motor.

We have tested iSW35S 4 wires AC powered tubular motor with Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 Z-Wave module successfully, at first you need to connect the 4 wires AC powered motor to the Momentary Switch or Toggle switch, then use the special Limit Regulator tool (supplied with the motor ) to set up the both of up and down limit positions, and then you can start the calibration process, as we would expect it is fully compatible with Fibaro RS 2 module, just click the calibration button on the Z-Wave controller, the iSW35S motor will go up. down and up again automatically, after finishing calibration, the Z-Wave controller will know the blind exactly position, and you can do percentage and position controlling on Z-Wave controller or Smartphone.

We also have tested iSW35S 4 wires AC powered tubular motor with our Qubino Flush Shutter module successfully, you have to use the special Limit Regulator tool to set the both of up and down limit through the switch manually, then you can start the calibration process, but you can not set parameter 78 from default value "0" to value " 1 " to force the blind position calibration like Fibaro RS 2 module, you have to do position calibration through the Qubino Flush Shutter module's Inputs I1 and I2 ( Up and Down switch ), after you finish the position calibration, the Z-Wave controller will know the blind position and you can do percentage controlling the blind as well.

This TBK Home TZ75 Z-Wave Module can control our iSW35S 4 wires AC main powered tubular motor without any problem. We have tested all of three of Z-Wave roller shutter module, we found the TKB Home TZ75 is simplest to connect with iSW35S motor and set up with Fibaro Z-Wave controller ( HC2 ), you just need to make sure the all of wires connection are correct : NO1 port connect to direction 1 wire on the motor (Black) , NO2 port connect to direction 2 wire ( Brown colour wire ), and S1 port connect to up button on the switch, S2 port connect to down button on the switch, then just press the inclusion button on the module more than 3 seconds and release before 6 seconds after you have done the add the module step, the motor will automatically start the calibration process, move the blind down, up and down again.

Danger of electrocution !
All works on the device may be performed only by a qualified and licensed electrician. Observe national regulations.
Even when the device is turned off, voltage may be present at its terminals. Any works introducing changes into the configuration of connections or the load must be always performed with disconnected voltage (disable the fuse).
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STANDARD THREE YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for the period of three (3) year for the original invoice date. Shipping and handling fees are to be paid for by the customer.

Rated Torque : 10 Nm

Rated Speed : 17 rpm

Motor tube Diameter : 35mm

Power input : 220/230V  50/60 Hz

Degree of Protection : IP44

Maximum running time:  4 minutes 

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