iSW72TV 5 wires curtain motor ( Home Automation compatible )

iSW72TV 5 wires curtain motor ( Home Automation compatible )
We have some original 72TV/W model 5 wires wifi curtain motor selling as iSW72TV model 5 wires curtain motor at discounted price .

The 72TV/W model wifi curtain motor is 72TV curtain motor add on a wifi module in the bottom of the 72V motor, due to the manufacturer made a mistake, they used the wrong configured model of wifi module which is for the other market to these batch of wifi curtain motor, it causes the wifi connection issue, so we just disconnect the wifi module and sell this batch of wifi curtain motor as normal 5 wires 72TV model curtain motor.

The iSW72TV 5 wires curtain motor have all of similar features with 82TV model, iSW72TV motor is newer and improved model, and the shape of the motor is better looking, of course, you will need the 72 Type of curtain track.

Like 82TV 5 wires curtain motor, the iSW72TV 5 wires curtain motor not only can be controlled by the remote or hard wired Switch, but also it can be controlled by the Z-Wave controller system via connecting with Fibaro Roller Shutter Z-Wave module. For those customer who want to use Z-Wave technology to control the motorised curtain motor, this model would be better choice to use. For the connection with Z-wave module, you can refer to the Fibaro Roller shutter module listing, it would be exactly the same as 82TV model 5 wires curtain motor. Please check the second photo for your reference of the Z-Wave module connection with iSW72TV curtain motor.

Please note: If you want to use the Z-Wave module to control this curtain motor, you will need to change the motor strong electric switch mode from double button not reboundable mode ( factory default mode ) to double button reboundable mode by using the remote. Or the other solution is if you use Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 or 3, you can change the parameter setting of Motor Oparation Detection to value=0, it means reaching a limit switch will not be detected. Otherwise, the curtain motor will just move for a couple seconds then stop.

Please note: The wifi module will still come with the motor but it will be disconnected, the wifi feature will be nonfunctional whatever the wifi module is connected or disconnected.
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