14 X custom made Duo Block Aztec colour Blackout roller blinds

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This listing is for 14 X custom made Duo Block range Aztex colour Blackout roller blinds.

The detaails of these blinds are as follows:

1, Living room: 1722mm ( W ) X 1221mm (D), Right hand side,
2, Living room: 1731mm (W) X 1221mm (D), Left hand side,
3, Single Bedroom: 1118mm (W) X 1224mm (D), Right hand side,
4, Single Bedroom: 1721mm (W) X 1226mm (D), Right hand side,
5, Back Bedroom: 1727mm (W) X 1230mm (D), Right hand side,
6, Back Bedroom: 1113mm (W) X 1227mm (D), Right hand side,
7, Back Bedroom: 1113mm (W) X 1226mm (D), Left hand side,
8, Front Bedroom: 2331mm (W) X 1218mm (D), Left hand side,
9, Front Bedroom: 871mm (W) X 467mm (D), Right hand side,
10, Master bedroom: 2332mm (W) X 1239mm (D), Left hand side,
11, Master Bedroom: 872mm (W) X 470mm (D), Right hand side,
12, Laundry: 1115mm (W) X 1229mm (D), Right hand side,
13, Kitchen: 519mm (W) X 922mm (D), Right hand side,
14, Kitchen: 509mm (W) X 925mm (D), Left hand side,

All blinds are Reverse Roll, White brackets, Silver Bottom rails.

Fabric; Duo Block range Aztec colour thermal blackout.

The price is GST and installation included.
NZ$ 1,950.00
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