12V Rechargeable Battery wand ( Pole) DC224G

12V Rechargeable Battery wand ( Pole) DC224G
12V Rechargeable Battery Wand DC224G work with low power consumption DC tubular motor DM25CE/-1.5/32, it use 10 units of the AA rechargeable battery ( not included ), once it get fully charged, the DM25CE motor will run up and down 600 times. You can use our DC683B solar charger panel or DC1563AU Battery Charger.
Compare this option to built-in Lithium battery tubular motor DM25LE, this will remove your concern about the lifetime of the built-in Lithium battery of DM25LE, the cost of the AA rechargeable batteries are not too expensive at the moment, you can find plenty of AA rechargeable battery listings on Trademe. if you know how to maintain the rechargeable battery, then you can use the battery for a longer time. You should use the same brand of 10 units of the AA rechargeable battery which you purchased them in the same time, the another important thing is you should charge the battery once every 6 months even you hardly use the battery.

It can be installed along the window frame behind and top the blind,
It is not very noticeable.

It includes wall mount clips and one additional cable connect between the battery wand and tubular motor and battery recharger, it use JST type connector to connect each other, but batteries not included.
The two chargers showed in the last photo do not include the listing, the photo just show the connection only, they need to be purchased separately.
NZ$ 35.00
NZ$ 29.75
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STANDARD ONE YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for the period of one (1) year for the original invoice date. Shipping and handling fees are to be paid for by the customer.

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