TKB Home TZ75 Roller Shutter Controller

TKB Home TZ75 Roller Shutter Controller
TKB Home TZ75 Roller Shutter Controller is TKB Home latest Z-Wave Plus AC roller shutter controller Module which is designed to switch raise/lower roller blind or Open/Close the motorised curtain connected to its terminals using radio waves, controllers and a push button directly connected to this Roller Controller.
The in-wall roller shutter controller is transceiver which is a Z-wave enabled device and is fully compatible with any Z-wave enabled network. Slim design let the controller can easily hide itself into the wall switch box and that will be good for the house decoration.
The new smart relay calibration technology can reduce the inrush current caused by the load and let the module work perfectly with many kind roller shutter. The module is designed to be mounted inside a “flush mounting box”, hidden behind a traditional wall switch.

Ease of use and installation by qualified electrician only .

This TBK Home TZ75 Z-Wave Module can control our iSW35S 4 wires AC main powered tubular motor without any problem. We have tested all of three of Z-Wave roller shutter module, we found the TKB Home TZ75 is simplest to connect with iSW35S motor and set up with Fibaro Z-Wave controller ( HC2 ), you just need to make sure the all of wires connection are correct : NO1 port connect to direction 1 wire on the motor (Black) , NO2 port connect to direction 2 wire ( Brown colour wire ), and S2 port connect to up button on the switch, S1 port connect to down button on the switch, then just press the inclusion button on the module more than 3 seconds and release before 6 seconds after you have done the add the module step, the motor will automatically start the calibration process, move the blind down, up and down again.

TBK Home TZ75 can work with our iSW72TV 5 wires curtain motor, but it can't do calibration, so it can only control the motor to open, close and stop, the UI of the Z-Wave control can not show exact the curtain position, but only show the curtain is open or close, so you can not percentage control the curtain if you don't want fully open or close the curtain.

Danger of electrocution !
All works on the device may be performed only by a qualified and licensed electrician. Observe national regulations.
Even when the device is turned off, voltage may be present at its terminals. Any works introducing changes into the configuration of connections or the load must be always performed with disconnected voltage (disable the fuse).

Please check the link for the TKB Home TZ75 User Manual.
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Operating Voltage: 110-240VAC

Maximum Load : Resistive Load 1100W/660W (EU/US) Max

Range: minimum 40m indoor or 70m outdoor line of sight

Operating Temperature : 0~40 degree

Size: 47.5x39x15.6mm

Frequency : 921.42MHz (AUS/NZ)

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