KEF KUBE10B 10" 300W Subwoofer.

KEF 10" 300W Subwoofer. 1x 250mm driver. 24~140Hz. 111dB. RCA phono sockets. Speaker level inputs. Colour Black

Discover sound’s hidden depths with KEF Kube subwoofers. The Kube unleashes explosive power intelligently thanks to iBX technology that extends bass depth dynamically. Delivering immersive music and home theatre sounds that drive you deeper into the heart of the performance.

Explore new dimensions in sound with Kube, KEF’s powerful range of subwoofers that open up sound’s hidden depths.
Each elegantly designed, fully sealed unit unleashes explosive power effortlessly, intuitively, intelligently. iBX technology extends the bass depth dynamically, unlocking the full potential of the driver’s power at normal listening levels or even the most extreme. And with KEF’s unique capability to design, build and integrate the driver in-house, we take optimisation to a whole new level. Delivering immersive music and home theatre sounds that drive you deeper into the heart of the performance.

Go deep or go home. KEF’s design and engineering team worked in chorus to develop iBX. This Intelligent Bass Extension algorithm creates an extended depth that unlocks the full potential of the custom driver. Giving you unparalleled precision and ultimate synchronicity between amplifier, driver and sealed cabinet.

Easy configuration
Your room, your rules. Kube subwoofers offer unmatched flexibility in configuration. With a range of LFE, line & speaker-level inputs, Phase selection and 3 DSP controlled EQ settings to help match your sub to any room placement, you’re in control right out of the box. Set up the Kube where it’s most convenient for you, match it to any main speaker or with any type of music system and start exploring new depths in your sound.

We’re on the same page. KEF is quite possibly the only high-end manufacturer who designs, engineers and assembles the driver, cabinet and circuitry in-house. This level of integration is the hallmark of our commitment to pure sound and the Kube stays true to that ideal. What you get is a driver and amplifier so perfectly attuned they sing in absolute harmony.
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  • Formidable 56bit 50 MIPS DSP preamplifier
  • iBX Intelligent Bass Extension: The DSP analyses your input signal and applies KEF's iBX, allowing the subwoofer to play louder and remain dynamic at any listening level
  • Sophisticated proprietary DSP programming developed by KEF's UK engineering team
  • KEF smartConnect intelligent inputs automatically detect mono or stereo and adjust the subwoofer volume level accordingly
  • Sealed for greater accuracy and delicate musical detail while allowing the Kube subwoofers to be installed in a cabinet
  • Placement tuning presets for: Freestanding, Wall/in-cabinet and Corner meaning the Kube sounds perfect wherever it's installed
  • Imposing 300W Class D amplifier with DSP preamplifier/EQ


Design Powered Subwoofer (sealed)
Drive units 1 x 250mm (10in.) 
Frequency response 24Hz - 140Hz (±3dB)
Maximum output 111dB
Amplifier type Built-in Class-D
Amplifier power 300W RMS
Variable low pass filter 40Hz - 140Hz & LFE
Inputs RCA phono sockets
Speaker level inputs 
Power requirements  100V - 120V / 220V - 240V - 50 / 60Hz 
Dimension (H x W x D) with rear panel and feet  370 x 353 x 370mm 
14.6 X 13.9 X 14.6in.
Weight 17.4kg

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