Solar rechargeable battery pack for iSW 25CE 12V DC tubular Blinds Motor

Solar rechargeable battery pack for iSW 25CE 12V DC tubular Blinds Motor
This Solar pack contains one of iSW DC1289A solar charge panel and one of 12V Rechargeable Battery Wand DC224G.

Compact solar panel designed to fit behind the blind on the inner window pane and continually charge the battery during daylight.

12V rechargeable battery pack connects to the solar panel with simple plug in connector. The battery supply cable then plugs into the motor to make the power connection complete.

Supplied with adhesive strips to secure the solar panel to the inner window pane and battery mounting clips.

This solar pack works with the iSW 25CE 12V DC low power consumption tubular motor, they are good for the high window which is hard to reach and narrow width of window frame which hasn't got enough space for iSW 25LE built in Li Ion battery powered tubular motor.

Please note: 12V Rechargeable Battery Wand DC224G uses 10 units of the AA rechargeable batteries, AA rechargeable batteries are not included in the pack, you need to purchase them separately.
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STANDARD ONE YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for the period of one (1) year for the original invoice date. Shipping and handling fees are to be paid for by the customer.

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