25mm width Ripplefold Curtain Snap Tapes ( Snaps space 105mm )

25mm width Ripplefold Curtain Snap Tapes ( Snaps space 105mm )
Ripplefold Curtain Snap Tape is a ripplefold curtain accessories which is used for our motorised ripplefold curtain track. this ripplefold snap tape is made with 25mm (one inch) wide polyester webbing and nickel plated snaps spaced 105mm (4.25 inches) apart. It's white colour only.

Ripplefold curtain Snap Tape can be sewn to a existing curtain you are already using on your curtain track , or it can easily be sewn to a new curtain you are going to make.

Simply sew the Snap Tape on the curtain 6mm ( 0.25 inch ) from the top of the curtain header. Want to hide the hardware AND track? Just increase the distance from the top of the header. It works by snapping the back of the curtain to the curtain carriers on your motorised ripplefold curtain track.

The Ripplefold curtains are actually easy to make, there would be 18 pieces of Carriers ( Wave Runners) for per meter of Ripplefold motorised curtain track, the distance between each snap of Ripplefold Snap Tape is 105mm, so the pinching rate of your Ripplefold curtain would be around 1.9 times~2.0 times, it means you should purchase around double length of Ripplefold Snap tape and curtain fabric for the length of your motorised Ripplefold curtain track.

Please note: consider to you need to add extra snaps to the master carriers and end snap pendant ( End Cap ), you need to purchase slightly longer length of ripplefold snap tape and ripplefold curtain fabric.
Please refer to the Youtube video for that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yciVTUqu1mE
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