8 of custom made Blackout roller blinds

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This listing is for 8 of custom made blackout roller blinds.

The details are as follows:

Ground Floor:

1, 1760mm (W) X 1160mm (D), Left hand side,
2, 1759mm (W) X 1962mm (D), Left hand side,
3, 1759mm (W) X 1960mm (D), Right hand side,
4, 1762mm (W) X 1160mm (D), Right hand side,
5, 1762mm (W) X 760mm (D), Right hand side,

First floor:

6, 1762mm (W) X 1150mm (D), Right hand side,
7, 1763mm (W) X 1156mm (D), Right hand side,
8, 1761mm (W) X 1155mm (D), Right hand side,

All of the blinds are Reverse Roll and Metal Chain ,
SHAW Duo Block Blackout Fabric.

The price is GST and installation included.
NZ$ 1,450.00
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