New Custom Made Bendable Motorised Curved Curtain Track

New Custom Made Bendable Motorised Curved Curtain Track
This is a new custom made motorised curved curtain tracks, it's different with the normal 90 degrees L shape or U shape curved or 135 degrees curved curtain tracks which we use 90 degrees or 135 degrees connection devices, we will use the bendable curtain tracks to custom make motorised curved curtain tracks for Bay Windows, 90 degree turn L shape or U shape, 360 degree turn, irregular curves, … etc. , we can bend the curtain track into most radius of irregular curved tracks to meet your specific requirements or a project, because normally there is no joiner, so the moving of master carriers and runners will be very smooth and they are very easy to pass the curved parts of the track. Please send email with your specifications, drawing indicating the length and degree of angles etc. and pictures to

This new motorised curved curtain track will compatible with all of our curtain motors.

Since this kind of new motorised curved curtain track normally would be very hard to pack and occur very larger volume , it would be not economical to be shipped to outside of Auckland area, so we will only supply them to local Auckland customers.

For those Auckland customer who requires irregular angle curves tracks, we might need to make this kind of motorised curved curtain track on your site and install it in the meantime.

Please note: It's better to use the traditional pencil pleated heading style curtains for motorised curved curtain track, the pinch pleated style curtains like French Pleats curtain is no problem for the straight curtain track, but it will be not very good for this kind of bendable curved motorised curtain track particularly when the two pleats are apart far away each other, it will be difficult to pass through the curved corner sometimes, the pencil pleated curtain will be more suitable for this kind of motorised curved curtain track.

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