OptiC@t™5e Cable

OptiC@t™5e Cable
The communication cable OptiC@t™5e is a combo of a four pair Cat 5E and two bend-insensitive fibres. Not only will it’s capability for super high-speed make the building attractive to future owners, the Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheath makes the building much safer, too. Plus, the cables insensitivity to bending makes it a lot easier and less expensive to install. Copper and optic fibre links the present to the future and gives you the better of two worlds.

OptiC@t™5e includes BendBrightXS™, the latest in bend-insensitive fibre optic cable technology from Prysmian. These optical fibres are specially manufactured using the patented EPVC (Enhanced Plasma Vapour Deposition) process and complies with the ITU-T G.657.A2 standard. This market leading technology makes BendBrightXS™ virtually insensitive both to micro and macro bending, making it perfect for installation in compact and tight installation areas.

OptiC@t™5e can be installed in:
• New housing estates,
• Major home renovations,
• Commercial fit outs of old buildings,
• New commercial building installs,
• New or old refits of residential units

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