Qubino Flush Shutter Z-Wave Plus controller

Qubino Flush Shutter Z-Wave Plus controller
Qubino Flush Shutter is an AC power Z-wave plus Motor Controller, it is the world's smallest Z-Wave module able to control the motors of roller blinds, shades and curtains. The module is designed to be mounted inside a “flush mounting box”, hidden behind a traditional wall switch.

Z-Wave Plus certified,it's Aus/NZ model, the frequency: 921.42 MHz.

Supports the connection of a temperature sensor

Requires 3-wire (including neutral) installation, Ease of use and installation by qualified electrician only .

Can measure the power consumption of connected device

Product Details:

The Qubino Z-Wave Tubular Motor Controller is a Z-Wave Plus (500 series) controller for roller blinds, shades and Curtains. It is designed to fit into an existing switch and enables you to wirelessly control blind motors using a Z-Wave enabled (921.42 MHz in AUS/NZ) controller and reports the motor's actual power (Watts) and total power consumption (kWh). This device also supports precise positioning for motors equipped with mechanical or electronic switches.

The Qubino Z-Wave Tubular Motor Controller allows the connection of a temperature sensor which can report the local temperature to your Z-Wave gateway allowing it to better meet your heating/cooling needs.

This product integrates with all Australian certified (921.42 MHz) Z-Wave Controllers including;

Vera Edge/3/Lite and Fibaro Home Center 2/Lite etc.

This Qubino Flush Shutter Z-Wave plus module can work with our 82TV five wire curtain motor and 82TS 4 wires curtain motor, you can connect them with the DC865A or DC866A switch,although you can not do calibration due to the both motors have electronic limit switches which don't like the mechanic limit switches they can be fully compatible with, but you can still control the curtain motor to open, close and stop via Z-wave controller.

The module has 14 additional parameters for expert users, you can change the parameter No. 74 default value "0" (moving time disable, working with Z-Wave module limit switch) to a slightly longer moving time for complete opening or complete closing than real moving time limited by the motor's electronic limit switch, the curtain will stop at the limit position before to reach the moving time parameter setting, then the module relay will switch off after defined time. Meanwhile you can change the parameter No.76 setting as well, enter the real motor's power such as 13w.

The other way is: if you don't change the parameter No74 default setting Value 0 , it means moving time disabled (working with limit switches ) , then you should change the parameter No76 from the default setting value 30 w to value 0, the value 0 means that reaching a limit switch will not be detected by z-wave module.

Sometimes you might need to change parameter setting and save the changing value 2 times to be success.

Danger of electrocution !
All works on the device may be performed only by a qualified and licensed electrician. Observe national regulations.
Even when the device is turned off, voltage may be present at its terminals. Any works introducing changes into the configuration of connections or the load must be always performed with disconnected voltage (disable the fuse).

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