iSW82TS 4 wires curtain motor ( Home atiomation system compatible)

iSW82TS 4 wires curtain motor ( Home atiomation system compatible)
iSW82TS 4 wires curtain motor will provide you simple solution for your motorised curtain track, 82TS curtain motor is standard model, it has built-in transformer,electronic memory limit,power on and off manual, resistance and stop function etc. features, but there is no built-in RF receiver, so you can not use the RF remote to control the curtain track, you need to hardwire the 82TS motor to wall switch like DC866A bistable (toggle) switch to control the motor open, close and stop.

Meanwhile, you can control this curtain motor through the Home Automation system like Z-Wave or C-Bus etc. system. If you use the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 ( purchase separately ) to control it via Z-Wave controller like Fibaro HC 2 . please check image 2 for the connection between the motor , Fibaro RS 2 and power cable.

82TS curtain motor is fully compatible with Fibaro Roller shutter 2 Z-wave module without of any issue. We have tested all of Fibaro RS2 , Qubino Flush shutter and TBK roller shutter controller with 82TS curtain motor before, sometimes we confused each other, now we can confirm only Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 Z-Wave module is fully compatible, the other two are not. So from now on, if you want to use the Z-Wave module to control the motorised curtain track, we will recommend you to use the 82TS 4 wires standard curtain motor with Fibaro RS2 module, it can do auto calibration and position controlling through the Z-Wave controller.
Programing and setting are pretty simple and easy:

1, Q1 of the Z-Wave module should connect to the black colour wire on the 82TS motor, Q2 should connect to the Brown colour wire on the motor, to make sure the moving direction will match the direction on the interface of the Z-Wave controller ;
2, After you finish the wires connecting, you need to add Fibaro RS 2 device on your Z-Wave controller, most importantly, you need to change the valve of parameter 18 to "3 W" and the valve of Parameter 22 to "0", it means Motor operation time functionality inactive, It's very important, otherwise if you don't do so, the curtain motor will just move very short period of time.
3, To set up the limit position, click the open (up) button on the interface of the Z-Wave controller, the tackle will hit the side edge once, then click the close (down) button, for the two way curtain track, the two tackle will hit each other in the middle of the track, for the one way track, the tackle will hit the other side edge once, then the 82TS will remember the limit position automatically;
4, Click calibration button on the interface of Z-Wave controller, the motorised curtain track will automatically fully open, fully close and fully open again. All done, it's pretty simple.
5, In case of the power blackout, then if you pull the tackle by hand or you remove the motor from the track, move the tackle, the limit position will be changed, then you need to reset the limit position again,
you just need to click the open and close button a couple times, the limit position will be set up again, carry on step number 4 again, then it will be all good again.

Please note: this iSW82TS curtain motor is standard curtain motor, it only can control by switch and it can connect with Z-Wave home automation system, you can do percentage open or close the curtain, but it can't control by remote and it hasn't Tough- start function (allowing you to manually pull the curtain and the motor takes over) .

The difference between iSW82TS curtain motor and iSW72TV curtain motor:

We have two model of curtain motor can be connected with Z-wave module, they are iSW82TS 4 wires motor and iSW72TV 5 wires motor, the wires connection for both motors are similar and easy, both motors have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of 82TS motor is can do auto calibration when you configure your Z-Wave controller, so you can do percentage controlling and know the curtain position, the disadvantages of iSW82TS motor is it's just basic standard model of curtain motor, Since the motor has 4 wires, there is no Live wire, the motor do not connect the power all the time, it only connect the power when you switch on, so it has less functions like pull touch-start and it can not be controlled by remote etc.

The advantage of 72TV model is it has more function than 82TS, you can control the curtain by remote and you can pull the curtain to start over the motor, but the disadvantage is it can not do auto calibration through Z-Wave controller, so you don't know the curtain position and you only can fully open or close and stop the curtain. Meanwhile 72TV motor looks better and is new model, the components of the motor and the track are better, so of cause the iSW72TV motor and track are more expensive than iSW82TS curtain motor and curtain track.

Meanwhile their parameter setting of Z-Wave controller are slightly different for this two motors, please refer to our Fibaro Z-Wave roller shutter 2 module to compare the difference between them.

Please note: this listing doesn't include the Fibaro Z-Wave module showed in the second photo.
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STANDARD THREE YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for the period of three (3) year for the original invoice date. Shipping and handling fees are to be paid for by the customer.

Rated Voltage: 100-240V / 50Hz, 60Hz

Safety cutain weight: 50Kg

Rated Power : 13 W

Open/Close speed: 20cm/Sec

Rated current :  less than 12 meters.

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